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Minjung Kim

Minjung Kim (b. 1996, Korea), studying sculpture at the Royal College of Art, tries to explore the convergence between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Minjung's unique use of taxidermy in her artwork can be related to the concept of recycling in a metaphorical sense. Just as taxidermy involves preserving and repurposing deceased animals to create art that explores emoons and personalies, recycling involves repurposing and reusing materials to create something new and valuable. In both cases, there's a transformave process that highlights the importance of preserving and appreciang the inherent qualies of the original. Similarly, Minjung's focus on animals' natural state of being transparent and honest about their emoons aligns with the idea of recycling emoons and experiences. Just as we recycle materials to give them a new life, Minjung's art encourages individuals to recycle their emoonal experiences by acknowledging and expressing their true feelings. This process can help individuals transform negave emoons, such as fear, anxiety, and sadness, into something meaningful and creave, much like the transformaon that occurs in her artwork. Moreover, just as Minjung's artwork encourages people to embrace their authenc selves and celebrate individuality, recycling promotes a similar ethos of sustainability and individual responsibility. Recycling is a way for individuals to take acve steps towards creang a more environmentally conscious and sustainable society. In both cases, the emphasis is on authencity, transformaon, and the recognion of value in what might otherwise be discarded. Today, where there's growing awareness of the need for environmental sustainability and mental health awareness, the intersecon of Minjung's artwork and the concept of recycling serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing authencity, preserving what's valuable, and transforming challenges into opportunies for growth and posive change.