Jangho Yoon 

Biography Jangho Yoon (b. 1994) is a contemporary artist based in London and Seoul.His practice mainly focuses on sculpture and painting. In 2022, he obtained aBachelor's degree in Environmental Sculpture from the University of Seoul and isset to graduate from a postgraduate program in Sculpture at the Royal College ofArt this year. Yoon's artistic practice emerges from personal experiences, considering theuniversality of self-awareness formed within the present social order as a keycreative concern while questioning the validity of individuals' instinctive defences when confronted with the unknown. Within this ongoing process,people find themselves subjected to unfortunate and lamentable circumstances.Yoon's sculptures apply a dynamic quality, establishing a tumultuous defensiveboundary between the artwork and the viewer, presenting an exploration ofimperfect cyclic structures.His current project aims to confront mechanized processes and the rigid,non-idealized aspects of society, employing a programmatically drivenconfrontation to challenge and dismantle the collective unconscious concealedbeneath societal norms.