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Cylindergallery Somerset House

Room G18, New wing

 20th - 24th November

Pulse is an electrifying event that will leave you breathless! Pulse invites you on a journey to immerse yourself in a world of emotions. Prepare to be moved by sculptures, photographs, and multimedia installations that capture the full spectrum of human emotions. Pulse challenges conventional notions of art, showcasing works that push the boundaries of traditional forms and mediums.​

A captivating showcase of Contemporary Artists curated by Somerset House Exchange Resident Cylindergallery. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the power of art to move and inspire



Representing Contemporary Visual Art

Founded in 2016 by Dorothy Nkemdirim, Cylindergallery represents emerging and established artists, using photography and other media via its programme of exhibitions, on-line presence, social media and virtual galleries. To date Cylindergallery has supported over 100 exceptional artists to secure exhibition spaces within London.

Recent Exhibitions

At Photo London this year, we focused  on photography inspired by nature and the photographic process, presenting Jo Holland, a photographic artist with her transcendental mandala composite artworks and Dorothy Nkemdirim, a multimedia artist with her layered organic formation works, together with abstract unique c-prints from David Pereira, vibrant digital artworks by Stephanie Mill and silver gelatin prints created from film developed in seaweed by Elle Pickering. See More