Cylindergallery x Somerset House 

Cylindergallery exhibition entitled "Pulse" will showcase the work of artists who live and breathe art. The title "Pulse" refers to the creative energy that these artists bring to their work. The exhibition features a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art. The works would explore a wide range of themes, including love, loss, nature, and the human condition.

Here are just some examples;

* Paintings by a contemporary artist who uses bold colours and expressive brushstrokes to capture the essence of nature , people or landscape 

* A sculpture by a sculptor or ceramist who uses recycled materials to create. 

* A photograph by a photographer who captures the fleeting moments of everyday life with a keen eye for detail. 

* An installation art piece by an artist who creates immersive environments that allow viewers to interact with the work on a physical and emotional level. 

 Submission is free, if selected you will need to pay the one off payment  of  £200  to cover all admin and exhibition costs including private view. you may submit up to four images 

10% Commission for works sold.

Apply Here

closing date ;Open