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Constanza Pulit

Constanza Pulit (b. 1994) is an Argentinian artist based in London. She graduated with an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts in 2021. She was awarded the East London Printmaking prize in 2021. In April 2023 she did her first solo show at PM GalerĂ­a, Buenos Aires.

Constanza Pulit grew up surrounded by many Latin American tales that gave her meaning and understanding of the world through mythological and mystical perspective. She is interested in the way folkloric knowledge survives the passing generations through oral and storytelling. This immersion in mythology, fantasy and narrative now forms the basis for her art practice. Drawing on these surviving historical, social and cultural fables, Pulit re-enacts, re-invents and re-explores to create new contemporary narratives.

When she works with photographic images, she submits them to heavy printing processes generating a new dialogue between the image and its own physicality. As an alchemist she turns her photographs into different forms until something close to the essence of a story arises. By working fluidly and mixing mediums, Pulit intends to give birth to new encrypted languages so that her images speak not only through the narrative but through their body, creating an unsettling, dreamlike image that aims to intrigue, confront and challenge the viewer to face their own desires, perhaps demons, of the past, present and future.

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