Melanie Chappuis , Metamorphosis 2020

Digital video Taeimpala

Animated video/ 40sec

The Om symbol represents the sound of the universe in a visual form and unifies everything. Om is all encompassing , the essence of the ultimate reality.Om is one of the most important spriritual symbols and is found throughout many ancient Hindu texts,prays and ceremonies.

In breaking down the universal symbol “OM” into the “deep sleep” state, the “waking” state, the “abso-lute” state, the and the “dream state”. Inspired by the meaning of the symbol, I created an animation that is constantly changing shapes . I produced a digital effect with the small pixels on the video because
nowadays we are living in a modern society, where consumption is high and technology is  becom-ing ever faster.
Are cultures, religions fading away because of the new technologies in the world? Melanie Chappuis

Endangered animals , oil pastel on mdf board

The consequences of the  global warming climate means that 571 species of animals have gone extinct because of the humans since 1750.

'The main cause of the extinction is the destruction of natural habitats by human activities, such as cutting down forests and converting land into fields for farming. The 6 following species are an andean cat, a mountain tapir, a peruvian plantcutter, a titicaca water frog, a zuniga’s dark rice rat and a white bellied spider monkey. They are critically endangered and could be extinct in the future.

I’d like to bring awareness in protecting the beautiful biodiversity we have.
By  drawing inside the shapes of the animals symbols represents the environment that they live in and draws attention  to avoiding the destruction of their habitats because of human activities. 'Melanie Chappuis

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